Tackle systems: A balance of power

In competitive fishing, there is little room for error. Everything needs to be as precise as possible … especially when it comes to your equipment.

With so many aspects of the game beyond our control, tackle selection is one variable we do have command over. And not one angler on the Bassmaster Elite Series takes that for granted.

Regardless of the lake, river or reservoir, countless hours are spent prepping our equipment for each event … hoping it pays off. And a big part of that preparation involves balancing our equipment — making sure we have the right action rod paired to the correct size and ratio reel. That goes for everything from flipping to finesse fishing.

All components must work together — rod, reel, line and lure. Even the slightest variance can affect an outcome.

Case in point

Take last season’s St. Lawrence River tournament, for example — an event I led for two days. My primary setup consisted of a 7-foot-2 medium-heavy spinning rod with a fast tip, paired to a 3000-size reel. For me, the pair offered the exact weight, balance and feel required to detect the subtlest of bites … many of which occurred on a semi-slack line. It also provided the power I needed to battle big smallmouth in current.