Bad weather is your friend

Even though it’s fall on the calendar the weather is pretty good right now. That won’t last though. The tough stuff is on the way, and that’s bad news for bass but good news for serious anglers.

First off, bad weather keeps a lot of anglers, and almost all recreational boaters, off the water. Cold days, rain and wind are not to the liking of most people, even those who like to be outdoors. That opens up opportunities for those of us who do like it. 

There are days when you can fish for hours and maybe see one or two other boats. No one moves in on you when your’e catching fish or runs past you at a high speed. That’s fishing at its best. 

Another thing is that bad weather tends to scatter the bass. When the sun is out they’ll hang tight to cover or structure. You have to target them pretty close to catch them. But when the clouds move in and the rain starts they tend to move out. They roam. For a lot of anglers that makes them easy to catch.

During times of tough weather I like moving baits. Swim jigs, crankbaits, bladed jigs, topwater plugs and almost anything else that’s moving is a good lure choice. 

I know some anglers think that noisy baits — those with rattles and hard vibrations — are the way to go because they attract the attention of the bass. I don’t disagree with that, but I approach things differently. I go with silent offerings. The idea behind my thinking is to show the bass something different. 

It’s almost impossible to find water these days that isn’t pressured. It’s the way things are because of the popularity of our sport. But that pressure means that if most anglers are fishing noisy baits then that’s what most fish are seeing, hearing and feeling. Noise is ordinary to them.  

Maybe silent will get their attention because it’s not like everything else. And if the bass are out and moving around, they won’t have any trouble zeroing in on a silent bait. Fall water is usually clear too. That also helps them find a silent bait. With me, it’s all about something different. 

The final thing I want to talk about is comfort and safety. Nothing is more miserable than being wet and cold. Wear enough clothing to keep you warm in the mornings and evenings. You can always take it off if it gets warm during the middle of the day.

Another thing that I can’t emphasize enough it to invest in high-quality rain gear. If you’re wearing insulated coveralls, make sure they’re waterproof too. Cheap rain gear is worthless. It’s a waste of money. The good stuff isn’t cheap, but after a couple of hours in the rain you’ll understand why. 

Another last, last thing is that you should always tell someone when you expect to return. If you run into trouble, it’s a lot easier to sit in your boat for a couple of hours than it is to be there all night.

Think about bad weather as your friend. Don’t curse it. Don’t complain about it. Embrace it. Then go out and catch some bass in it.