Amistad Lessons

Let's use our time this week to talk about a couple of things I learned at Amistad. From my perspective they're important. Keeping them in mind will help us all become better competitive bass anglers.

The first lesson learned is that once the fish move shallow and start to commit to the beds they'll stay that way, regardless of the weather. The water temperature dropped 7 or 8 degrees during the tournament but the fish didn't move into deep water. That's because we had a full moon and they had committed to the beds.

True, they moved a few feet off the beds when the cold front struck, but they didn't move into the really deep waters of Lake Amistad like you might have guessed they would. (Seven or 8 degrees is a big drop in water temperature.) They stayed very close to where they had been. I stayed with them and ended up making the Top 12 cut.

That's a lesson we all need to keep in mind at this time of the year: Just because you're faced with a cold front and dropping water temperatures don't get fooled into thinking the bass have moved farther than they have. They may pull off the beds but they're not going to go very far. When they want to spawn they stay shallow. It's as simple as that.

Stay disciplined and fish in the immediate area.

The other lesson I learned is just how good the new RF-300 Biosonix unit really is under real-world conditions. I used it extensively last week and the results were amazing. I had bass busting all around my boat at times. This thing is the real deal. I'm impressed.

The water temperature was around 58 degrees. That's not a schooling temperature. But, when the wind died and the water slicked over I'd turn my RF-300 on and in no time I'd have a bunch of bass circling around my boat. It was unbelievable. I'd cast into them and they'd bite whatever I was throwing.

This is a piece of equipment every serious tournament angler should have. If at all possible you should invest in one. And, you should take the time to learn how to use it- really practice with it and learn the details. It'll make a world of difference in your fishing.

Honestly, I was amazed by what I saw it do out there. It was like I was calling the bass to my boat and telling them it was time to eat. You can learn more about the RF-300 Biosonix at

Remember though, no matter what conditions you face or what type of equipment you have, it's you and your response to those conditions that will ultimately determine your level of success. It's all about the attitude.

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