Aussies up all night for Carl

Down Under, many expect another night of getting “stuffed,” which in Aussie vernacular means tired. The Carl Jocumsen watch party is on for the pride of Toowoomba.

Jocumsen is leading on Santee Cooper after weighing the Day 1 big bag of 25 pounds, 8 ounces, and his countrymen were pleased to be able to watch him on Bassmaster LIVE on Friday.

“We live vicariously through him and his adventures,” wrote Stephen Morgan, who sent in these photos of Jamie McKeown, the current Australian Open champion, and Mark Saric.

With his win last year on Tenkiller, Jocumsen, the first and only Australian to fish the Elites, furthered his legend by putting his country on the growing list of nations that have Elite winners -- Japan has many Elite wins while Canada just joined this season with Chris Johnston.

This group was enjoying a nice setup at ABT Fishing in Brisbane, and they had plans to hunker down overnight. The east Coast of Australian is 15 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern time, so it was approaching midnight when Jocumsen got them excited with a huge catch that turned out to be a catfish. The weigh-in begins around the time most would be waking, but this crew and more will follow Jocsumsen no matter the hours.

“He is living the dream,” Morgan responded in true Aussie fashion, “even though we have bigger, meaner fish here.”