Christie takes a 2-pound penalty

Jason Christie, who is currently in 2nd place in Angler of the Year, just made a big mistake.

He accidentally made a cast with six fish in his livewell. That's a clear no-no that carries a 2-pound penalty, he knows it, and called tournament director Lisa Talmadge to report the violation.

"That's what happens when you get excited," said Christie. "I just stabbed myself in the neck. I'm pretty disappointed."

After Day 1, Christie was 48 points behind Seth Feider in the AOY race, with little margin for error. He talked this morning about how hard it will be to catch Feider unless he stumbles.

Without the 2-pound penalty, Christie is currently in 11th place in BassTrakk. Add the penalty and Christie drops to 17th place.

With the weights being so tight at Lake Champlain, this may be the worst venue to make this kind of mistake.