Epitomizing the Bro Series

Just a couple weeks ago I wrote one of my "Bro Series" articles about Matt Arey and Scott Canterbury. The Q&A style series looks at how Bassmaster Elite Series anglers form unique friendship as running mates on the road--and the water.

It's worth a read and here are a couple of standout highlights, considering Arey and Canterbury are both in the top 10.

Canterbury: "We break down a lake before we even get there. Then, in practice we talk several times a day and then break it down at night. We do that every day. I feel like figuring things out together has advantages."

Arey: "We share everything. It helps us both in the long run. We try to maximize everything we learn in practice to maximize our finishes. Last season, there were several tournaments where we only placed one or two places apart."

Arey and Canterbury, who won 2019 Bassmaster Angler of the Year, are proving how that works this week on Lake Eufaula.