As far back as you can go

Jason Christie and Mike Iaconelli both decided to make a move. We followed Christie to his next stop. He is way back, and I mean way way back, in another creek.

It's way too early to share specifics, but there are things the two areas Christie has fished have in common. Most noticeable is the shad activity. In both areas, shad have been skittering across the top of the water. In any direction you look, you'll see the small fish splashing and dancing.

Next, the water is shallow and comparatively clear. We slowly moved into this creek as the water averaged 2 feet deep and there were plenty of stumps. The picture shows the dirt our anchors kicked up to give you an idea of how clear these areas are. While the water is still far from crystal clear, the two spots we've seen so far are clean compared to the 'chocolate milk' that many Elites talked about during practice.