Hartman's adjustments

Yesterday at weigh-in Jamie Hartman talked about making key adjustments to his presentation. The reason why was the change in wind direction, from the south to the north.

"The wind changed and totally repositioned my fish."

By that, he meant how the bass are relating to his area. Precision casts are a must. Anything off target gets ignored. For now, it looks like Hartman has it dialed in.

Hartman told me that he is still learning his area, that it has such great potential that he is acquiring more knowledge of what makes it tick.

"I've got to refind them again. They probably moved about 40 yards. When you are fishing deep, in 24 feet of water, that is a long way. To find them again, means I must hunt and peck."

Hartman said the process worked like this yesterday. He moved around and caught one or two, and then kept moving until he hooked up consistently with multiple fish. That didn't pan all the way out like he wished.

"Maybe with the wind changing it will keep them in one place, and they will start bunching up."

Hartman is fishing one large school of bass, and yesterday vacated the spot after catching what he estimated to be 14 pounds.

"All I wanted to do was catch enough to stay in the game, then let it rest."

So far, so good.