John Crews’ tale of two seasons

John Crews started 2020 hot. Maybe the best start of his career. He finished 2nd at the St. Johns River and 6th at the Bassmaster Classic.

Then a global pandemic happened, pausing the Elite season for more than two months. Since the restart in June, Crews has finished 53rd at Eufaula, 84 at St. Lawrence and 82 at Champlain. He sat in 64th place here at Lake St. Clair after Day 1.

Crews has a long and varied professional fishing career and knows the sport come with plenty of ups and downs. So how does an angler break out of a slump?

“I believe you’ve got to focus on who you are and what you do best,” he said. “If you let things get in your head you can always do worse.

“Some guys will panic and decide they need to suddenly become a drop shotter or a deep cranker. Like I said, go back to who you are.

“If your career average is 30th place, do what you do and you’ll get back there.”

Crew told us he spent 98% of yesterday cranking. He started today throwing a Missle Bait Shockwave 3.5 and had three fish for over 5 pounds by 8:30. He then headed out for a return to cranking.

Crews was happy with the success of his roommate and fellow Virginian Ed Loughran who made his first Elite top 10 at Lake Champlain.

“St. Lawrence was a breakthrough for Ed. He figured out something there that gave him some confidence going into Champlain.”

Is it possible John and Ed can’t do well at the same time? “Possible!” Crews said. “That seemed to be true for me and Ish.”