The Largemouth vs. Smallmouth decision

Catching both Largemouth and Smallmouth are decisions anglers have to make when they come to Lake Champlain. The Top 10 has shown both flavors this week, but it’s telling how important smallmouth are on this body of water. Of the 150 keepers weighed by the Top 10 this week, 40 have been largemouth and 110 have been smallmouth.

Keith Combs, Chris Zaldain, Patrick Walters, Austin Felix and Justin Hamner have exclusively caught smallmouth.

Meanwhile Bryan Schmitt (8-7), Lee Livesay (10-5), Seth Feider (10-5) and Destin DeMarion (8-7) have had at least half of their keepers being largemouth.

Caleb Sumrall has a 4 largemouth to 11 smallmouth ratio.