Logan takes the lead with a 3-12

Wes Logan noted at yesterday’s weigh-in that he would have four baits tied on the rods on his boat deck: a swim jig, a frog, a squarebill crankbait and a flipping jig - "5/8ths, a big jig,” he said. “I’m going to run everywhere I can fish those. If I get bites, they’re going to be good ones.”

Logan just caught “a good one” on the jig - a 3-pound, 12-ounce bass, which matched his second-biggest bass yesterday when he took the lead in this tournament. Logan is weighing his fish on a digital scale, so his 13-0 total on the day and 56-8 overall is probably accurate. Less accurate is the estimates Paul Mueller and Gerald Swindle have entered in BassTrakk. This one is close. And most importantly, there are three hours left in Championship Monday.