Shallow, deep or both?

There are three strategies playing out today on Lake Eufaula. Here they are.

1. Shallow. There is a solid bite going down on the bank. And it's only getting better for several reasons. First, there is plenty of it to go around without too much fishing pressure coming into play. Next, the water continues to rise. That adds new water to the shoreline to expand the strike zone while adding cover for bait and bass. And finally, the shallow bite is getting less angler pressure.

2. Deep. The classic pattern of fishing brushpiles on the ledges lining the Chattahoochee River and the creeks is solid. Brandon Lester just proved it after lighting up the BASSTrakk scoreboard with a 40-minute flurry that put nearly 23 pounds in his livewell. On the downside, after three days of fishing pressure, many of the best areas are fished out, or the bass have dialed into the scheme of the anglers trying to catch them. So, there's not as much water to go around.

3. Both. Most of the leaders are deploying a shallow and deep strategy. Some go shallow early; others begin the day in deep water. The trick is knowing when to make the switch. Another trick is being on the brushpiles when the fish feed. There is no best case scenario on the timing. This one is a gamble, but it offers a high level of success, by playing both games in shallow and deep water.

Which will win? That's the cool part. We really don't know, and it'll be fun to watch.