Another day, another lead change

Lake Guntersville in the fall is proving to be the challenge everyone predicted it would be. That's evident in the daily changes in the leaderboard. For the third straight day, there's a new leader of the NOCO Bassmaster Elite. Friday it's Elite Series rookie Wes Logan. Thursday it was Brandon Cobb. Wednesday it was Kyle Welcher.
All three of those guys made the top 10 cut to fish in Saturday's finale. Bob Downey made the biggest jump into the top 10, coming from 16th place on Day 2 to finish 8th Friday. In doing so, Downey illustrated the importance of one big bass - the kind that are common every other time of the year on Lake Guntersville. Downey took big bass honors on Day 3 with a 7-3.
It's going to be a shootout Saturday. The top six are within three pounds of the lead.

Washington State team photo Lake Mead

Left to right back: James Castillo, Zack Shaft, James Hollingshead, Mel Williams Clint Johanson, 

Left to right front: Tyler Wipf, Mark Smith, Ken Day, Greg Jager, Kevin Higgins.

Wyoming team

Back row – Tracy Dursteler – David Vega – Jon Pollock – Michael Tauscher – Bret Felter – Paul Gelles – Kyle Gelles – Chris Harvey – Clif Gallagher

Front row – Brent Daybell – Michael Evans – Brent Shores – Chaunteil Carte’– Cory Hoopes -Earl Wells

FRONT & CENTER – “Big Dog” Tim Rawlings

No fish so far

No fish so far, but here is a rattlesnake eating a bird.

Update by Thomas Nokes

Lake Mead update

Andrew Sayles at the 2020 TNT Fireworks B.A.S.S. Nation Western Regional at Lake Mead.

Utah B.A.S.S. Nation State Team

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Rick Culver, Greg Pink, KC Simbro, Ty Faber, Justin Hicks, Melissa Nokes, Tom Nokes, Ramsey Romanin, Terry Peterson, Don Allphin, Randy Pierson, Chase Colby, Trent Perry, Josh Thalman, Wally Haltom, Billy Ricker, Chris Cruz, Bo Dalton, Bill Brown, Mike Lavallee, 

Arizona State Team

(Front) Jake Aubrey, Brian Senter, Hayden Spradling, Kenneth Hromada, Thomas Edwards, Jake Krause, Brandon Morton, Sam Collins, Jake Morrison, Kyle Harris

(Back) Gabe Thomas, Chris Massey, Todd Herman, Steve Lund, Dylan Maxon, Tom Wennerlund, Forest Kirchner, Jim Hawkes, Gerald Kimzey, William Barkley

Oregon State team

Top row: Kenny Sitton, Tom McArt, Kevin Pierson, Adam Gross, Austin Bentz, Logan Degree, Dan Jordan
Kneeling: Ron Wiseman, Ron Schneider, Scott Seros, Jeff Ball, Jerry Lake