What to watch for (or not)

Something very peculiar is going on. Cloud cover has overtaken the skies above Sam Rayburn. 

What that means is a game changer is underway. Cloud cover will turn on the bite for the shallow water anglers, and especially those fishing the lower end of the lake, where the hydrilla and other vegetation is abundant. The guys whose rods are rigged and ready with frogs must be smiling. Yesterday, numerous comments came in from those guys about how they watched fish follow their bait, only to have them shy away at the pivotal moment of a strike. 

That won't happen today. Cloud cover adds ambush cover for those shallow cruisers, which triggers an active feeding period. For the deep water anglers this is the worst case scenario. Without sun those fish will emerge from holding tight to cover (aka casting targets) and roam around. 

I just spoke with Andy Crawford, who is awaiting the arrival of boats in the Black Forest. He confirmed what I see on this wind direction map. Winds from the northeast, with a noticeable chop on the surface. 

Expect a lot of last minute audibles this morning, because it won't last all day, according to the forecast. But then again, this is 2020.