Myers cranking a little deeper

Unlike most of the Elite Series anglers in this tournament, Britt Myers has been fishing a bit further off the bank this week. He's targeting water in five to 12 foot depths.


"It's just like ledge fishing, when you catch one you stop," Myers said. "There's usually a school of them there. It looks like I'm fishing a bank, but there's a ledge out here."


Myers started in East Sugarloaf Creek this morning. Leader Brandon Paliniuk's hot spot is in West Sugarloaf Creek, where Myers has also been this week. We saw Paliniuk and Edwin Evers go in there this morning before we found Myers.


"There's three creeks I'm fishing," Myers said. "I noticed in practice that all the fish and the baitfish were in five to 12 feet deep. It looks like I'm fishing the bank, but I'm not."


Here's mainly throwing a shad-colored Rapala DT10 crankbait.


"I didn't know this was going to be the deal this  week, and I only had two of them," Myers said. "I slung one off early in the week. It went about 100 yards up in the woods when that wind was blowing. I went up there Easter egg hunting and found it."


When it gets slick and the bass quit hitting the crankbait, Myers has been switching to a War Eagle Heavy Finesse jig with a Chigger Craw trailer. Myers has caught a couple more fish since we've been here, but nothing that would help him. He also caught a nice-sized rock that fought like a bass before he landed and released it.

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