Myers hopes to cap his best week

Mid-day  has  been when Britt Myers caught his best fish this week, and he's got to add a couple in the 4- to 5-pound range to improve significantly from the 13- to 14-pounds he  got now. He has caught plenty of fish today, just  nothing of any help since he moved from East Sugarloaf Creek to West Sugarloaf.


"The wind in here suits me just fine," said Myers, who is riding the wind down the bluff-side bank, winding that crankbait, then motoring back and doing it again. "I've caught my bigger fish in the middle of the day. The numbers have come in the morning. I'm just trying to stay focused."


Myers is on the verge of his best Elite Series finish. He has been on the circuit since its inception in 2006, and had a top 20 finish every year, but only two in the top 10. A seventh-place finish on Kentucky Lake in '09 is his Elite Series best so far.


"When I first came out here, I knew I wasn't ready," Myers said. "These guys are really good. But there's no better way to learn than to get out here and get beat up a little bit."


Myers expected this to be his best year on the Elite Series, then he opened the season with  a last place finish on the St. Johns River. A strong finish on Bull Shoals would be a sign that he's ready for a big year.