Palaniuk has a limit on Day Four

Listening to Brandon Palaniuk on a phone call with Tommy Sanders and Mark Zona you got the feeling that he's had equal amounts of frustration and excitement. While on the call, he caught his limit fish, giving him about 9 1/2 pounds.


As soon as the call was over he boated a couple more keepers and he's culled up to 11 pounds and change. That pretty much sticks the fork in the hopes of these guys. Matt Herren, though, is making a run at him in a big way.


We have him with 16 1/2-pounds and it could be more. That cuts into the lead a little, but Palaniuk still has control. All he probably has to do is get back to the check-in on time. With the wind, that now seems to be gusting even stronger, that's a consideration that could come into play.