Wind picks up, fish activity too

Britt Myers has seen several indications that the fishing on Bull Shoals Lake today is going to be more like it was Thursday and Friday than on the slower day that came with the cold front Saturday.


Most importantly, he  had a limit  in the boat in 30 minutes this morning. But there's also the fact that Myers has noticed more activity in the water. Baitfish and gamefish are active. Myers has caught a little bit of everything already, including a heart-stopping 6-pound-plus walleye 8:30 that he initially thought was a monster bass.


"Al Lindner would be proud of me wouldn't he," Myers said. "I thought that was a nine-pound bass when it was coming in."


That walleye added another species to the list for  Myers this morning, which also includes a flathead catfish and largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass. He's got a 2 1/2-pound  smallmouth in the livewell that's a beauty.


Myers was able to upgrade about  a half-pound at 8:45  with a three-pound largemouth, which gives him about 13 1/2  pounds  now.


But the best sign Myers has seen is the wind picking up.


"I've never seen wind turn on the fish like it does here," Myers said. "We've been to lakes before where it helps a little bit, but nothing like it does here."