Checking in on the Bouldin Dam crowd

There is a glut of anglers fishing within a half mile of the Bouldin Dam — Bill Lowen, Chad Pipkens, Rick Morris, Matt Herren, Edwin Evers and Gary Klein.


We've settled on Klein for a moment. He's fishing closest to the dam maybe 300 yards away. Klein has a spinnerbait that he's throwing toward some flooded bushes. He says he has nothing so far this morning.


Herren is on the opposite side of the canal, about 100 yards from Klein. He says he has two fish, "But it's slower this morning. They'll bite, though."


Pipkens is on the same bank as Herren and said he has three fish, one nice one. "Can you go knock on the dam and ask them to run some more water," he implores. "They bit so fast, and then they were done." 

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