AFTCO contributes $548,000 towards conservation in 2021

2021 has come to an end, and at AFTCO the gears have been turning on ideas to be bigger and better in 2022. But we want to take a moment to look back at 2021.

A lot of good was done for fishing conservation in 2021 thanks to customers like you. Each year, through our 10 % Pledge to Protect & Conserve, AFTCO and the Shedd Family contribute at least 10% of company profits towards fishing conservation, protecting our resources, and ensuring future generations have access to a sustainable fishery. In 2021, AFTCO’s 10 % pledge resulted in $548,000 of contributions.  

Our 2021 10 % Pledge’s 3 largest financial contributions are highlighted below:

Coastal Conservation Association 

$139,900 to CCA state and national chapters in support of their mission of ensuring the health and conservation of our marine resources and anglers’ access to them.

Keep America Fishing

$75,000 donated in support of fishing advocacy efforts. Through policy, science and conservation, the Government Affairs team of the American Sportfishing Association (ASA) works to minimize access restrictions, promote clean waters and restore fish populations. 

Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute

$75,000 donated. In 2021 Hubbs released 90,000 fish into the ocean for replenishment through their Carlsbad Hatchery and published 19 scientific research papers among many other achievements.

Among these three, AFTCO supported a number of the 10% pledge partners in 2021. 

• The War on Carp

• AFTCO's Bass Buss Live Release Boat

• Captains For Clean Water

• Center For Sportfishing Policy

• Dolphin Research Program

• FishAmerica Foundation/ASA

• Friends of Reservoirs

• Keep America Fishing


•IGFA - International Gamefish Association

• Bass Fishing Hall of Fame

• Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful

• Marathon Man / Fishing For Life

• TPWD - Texas Parks & Wildlife

• Wild Oceans

• C.A.S.T. For Kids

• Fishing's Future

• The Ike Foundation

In 2021, AFTCO continued our support of B.A.S.S. Nation grassroots with another year of AFTCO X BASS Conservation grants. This year we paid $20,000 in grants to Bass Nation Clubs looking to make their local fisheries better with projects such as habitat restoration and habitat creation. As the year finished with continued troubles with group gatherings, the bass clubs were still able to establish fish habitats in lakes around the country. This year, groups got involved creating and planting artificial habitats but also cypress tree plantings which not only provide fish habitat but also mitigate shoreline erosion. These projects will continue their work into 2022.