db's Christmas wishes


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“I wish you a hopeful Christmas…”

Dateline: My home

“Christmas is not an external event at all, but a piece of one's home that one carries in one's heart"
— Freya Stark 

There hangs on our Christmas tree this:

  • The baby sneakers of both of our children who are now married and in their 30s.
  • Fancy Hallmark ornaments made of glass mixed with homemade ornaments made of construction paper, Scotch Tape and staples.
  • Ornaments from friends, and a couple still left that came as treasures from my wife’s and my parents.
  • A dog bone ornament with Riley’s name on it, our beloved fur baby who just passed a couple weeks ago.

To many this is a Christmas tree. 

To me, as I sit here alone in the dark lit only by tiny red and green bulbs, it is much more than a tree at Christmas.

To me, this is simply … a tree of life.


“…I wish you…”

A few days ago I went on social media and asked this to those who follow me: "Tell me your Christmas wish."

Of all the wishes that came in, I picked three that made me smile, that made me think and that made me wish as well.

I will identify two of the senders, one will remain anonymous, you’ll soon know why. 

Here we go.

“…a brave New Year…” 

“Peace on earth will come to stay, When we live Christmas every day."
— Helen Steiner Rice 

Comes this from a person whose name is not needed: 

“I know that this isn't your Christmas story but I just needed to make my Christmas wish ... I pray for a Christmas miracle! Thanks for the opportunity to get this off my heart.” 

The Christmas miracle this person is praying for does not involve toys, clothes, video games or any kind of material thing. 

This prayer is for the abuse of a loved one to stop. 

And yes it has been reported to the authorities, and yes it is within the judicial system.

A serial abuser, a serial pedophile … so there may be a score of other Christmas wishes along these same lines. 

Abuse, you know, comes in all forms, comes many times from authority figures, comes many times from family members, comes many times from those most trusted. 

I know this, all to well.

To damn well, from childhood.

Sure this might not be the Barbie doll or new bicycle type Christmas wish you thought you’d be reading about, and yes I thought of not including this. 

I can, if you want, only talk about Xbox or iPad wishes, but in doing that, by ignoring this wish, I become as awful as those who abuse others. 

If in your heart you hold Christmas, and the meaning of this day as sacred, then I ask only this from you here, take to your knees and say a prayer for this person so that their Christmas miracle may come true … 

… say it with meaning, this prayer, say it loud, because trust me, this person on this day isn’t the only one on this planet wishing for this Christmas miracle. 

And to you who sent me this, may your Christmas wish come true, may God read this as well, may you see in the comments how many people are praying for your wish to come true as well.

And to those who abuse others, know this, I believe that in life there are only two paths to take, one leads to salvation, one leads to damnation, you choose wrong.

"For to us a child is born, to us a son is given..."
Isaiah 9:6-7