Giving thanks for the little things


Photos by Don Barone

“And when the broken hearted people…”

Dateline: The Farmington River

“Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.”
— Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

It was the first time I was out of the house in weeks. I’m one of the “lucky” ones in that I can do my job from anywhere be it a newsroom, a hotel room, office.

Or the dinning room table.

I’d follow the tournaments on my laptop, take notes, makes some calls, write a story. Doesn’t matter that I’m in Connecticut and that the story is elsewhere. Been doing this gig long enough that I get it, pretty much second nature after almost four decades of listening and typing.

But one thing was missing, missing for me, missing maybe for you as well, one little thing that as the hours passed, as the stories passed, one little thing became one big thing.

I miss, life.

The little parts of it. 

“…living in the world agree…”

“The best way out is always through.”
— Robert Frost

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