There came a kidney

“Love begins by taking care of the closest ones - the ones at home.”
~Mother Teresa

Dateline: Update to the Bob Simon Kidney Story

In your life you will see many photographs about love very few though will capture the true meaning of love.

To me, the meaning of love is simply that you care for someone else more than you care for yourself.

They, come first, whomever your “they” is.

You need not walk on water or do magic with loaves and fishes for it to be a miracle, to know a miracle you need only look into the eyes of a loved one.

In October I wrote this story of Connecticut angler Bob Simons and his wife Doreen.

Bob needed a kidney transplant to live…after much searching for a donor it turns out one was found, an exact match…his wife of 45 years, Doreen.

This photo captures the true meaning of love, it was taken this week right before Bob and Doreen were wheeled off to surgery.

A kiss for his wife, a kiss for the miracle of love.

Surgery went from about 11 a.m. until around 6 p.m. Wednesday, their son, Chris Simon, just told me the doctors said everything is great, “Mom’s kidney was perfect and is working perfect in Dad.”

“Both are still a little loopy though.”

If everything stays like it is Chris thought both would be home, “sometime this weekend.” The couple still face mammoth bills and a month or two out of work without money coming in. Their GoFundMe account is still open and being used to help pay the medical and household bills. If you can lend a hand it would be greatly appreciated by the family.

Some will credit this kidney match between Bob and Doreen to science, and I will give science a bit of what’s due, but to be honest I’m tipping the balance to a much greater hand.

A hand that knew 45 years ago what was coming down the line for Bob and made sure that love, was the perfect match.

That’s what I believe.

I believe love is a miracle.

I believe love is a gift from above.

And every once in a while, a miracle will let you take its picture.


“The miracle is this: the more we share the more we have.”
~ Leonard Nimoy

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