Gear Review: Fishing Sim World for PS4

What is it?

Fishing Sim World by Dovetail Games

What sets it apart?

There aren't that many serious attempts at fishing video games, and you may be looking at the best one right here. There are real-world tackle decisions including rods, reels, line and soft and hard baits. There is structure and cover to consider. There are a few lakes that are not real-world locations but are rather fully realized and quite large. And probably most of all, the fishing is less of an arcade experience and more trying to live up to the "Sim" in its name. Want to fish in tournaments and/or online? All there. A fishing tournament lasts twenty minutes, which is a perfect amount of time to get out there and see what you can do quickly. It does force you to commit to a spot or two that is close to your starting point, of course. 

How do I use it?

This game is available for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Steam on PC. 

How much?


More Information:

Fishing Sim World

Angler’s insight:

If you love fishing, and want to play it in a video game, this is going to check some, but not all of those boxes. When I found a spot I wanted to fish, my first thought was, "How do I use the trolling motor?" It turns out that despite being able to see one, it is not part of the game. Like most games, unfortunately, casting is a static experience. The game rewards some different retrieval techniques, but allowing you to quickly change your position relative to cover is not one of the mechanics. The game also features a lot of non-bass fishing in European lakes, but I spent all of my time trying to catch some big bass. There's no perfect fishing video game but this is a pretty good attempt that respects the sport.