Gear Review: Lure Lock 3 in 1 Deep Box with TakLogic

What is it?

Lure Lock 3 in 1 Deep Box with TakLogic 

What sets it apart?

With all the lures and tackle available in the fishing industry today, quality storage boxes have become highly sought after. Properly storing expensive tackle makes all the difference in preserving the life of the items and avoiding throwing away ruined baits. The Lure Lock 3 in 1 Deep Box with TakLogic, the gel in the bottom of the box, is a proprietary feature that holds anything secure, even when turned upside down. This flexibility allows you to change the box around to fit your need at any given time — it's perfect for the angler who needs to have a variety of tackle with them or is fishing different lakes. 

How do I use it?

Choose between 24 evenly spaced dividers perfectly sized for larger crankbaits, jerkbaits, topwaters and other plugs — 18 dividers with a bit more room for larger baits, spinnerbaits, or buzzbaits — or completely remove all or part of the dividers to make room for bags of soft plastics, tools or anything else. TakLogic will completely hold everything in place to avoid unnecessary untangling at the lake or in crunch-time situations. Simply stick the desired baits down and they will remain in place. 

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

With the ability to swap the dividers around to fit your needs exactly, this deep box has a place in any tackle bag. As a co-angler fishing in different events or an angler hitting the lake with a buddy, the ability to customize the dividers to fit a variety of hard baits, soft plastics and tools is key. Knowing that those boxes of hard baits are not going to be destroyed after a long bumpy run is all that is needed. With other standard sizes boxes available in the Lure Lock lineup, you can utilize the TakLogic in any size and replace old or worn-out storage boxes with the same peace of mind.