Introducing a whole new view of the lake bottom


New sonar imagery chart overlay helps anglers find fish easier and faster on U.S. lakes.

Adding to an impressive collection of premium chart content and unparalleled coverage, anglers in the U.S. now can explore the detailed bottom hardness of 121 lakes with a new Sonar Imagery chart overlay from Navionics®. Whether used on its own or combined with integrated Garmin and Navionics No. 1 mapping content1, sonar imagery provides anglers with a better understanding of lake bottom structure, helping them to discover the best potential fishing spots and improving situational awareness while on the water.

When it comes to fishing, it is a huge advantage to know the most information possible about a body of water before dropping a line. Anglers know that some species of fish prefer to hunker down in the deep, hard bottoms of the lake floor where rocks can provide excellent hiding (or hunting) spots, while others may prefer to feed from the soft-bottom muck in larger schools. Anglers can get a better idea of what bait should be used, optimal casting methods and even the best time of day to be hitting the water with information about bottom hardness.

Sourced from thousands of intricate lake surveys in U.S. territory, sonar imagery reveals bottom hardness in vivid color, highlighting both subtle and dramatic transition areas. Along with additional premium chart overlays from Navionics, including high-resolution relief shading and SonarChart™ Shading with satellite imagery, sonar imagery helps anglers quickly and easily identify the most promising fishing spots on the water. This means less time searching and more time reelin’ them in.

Chart Cards for GPS Chartplotters

Designed with the most demanding boaters and serious anglers in mind, Platinum+ and HotMaps Platinum charts are already preloaded with relief shading, satellite overlay, SonarChart Shading, 3D View and panoramic photos to provide the ultimate situational awareness, while also offering Navionics+ marine content, advanced features and daily updates for one year. Sonar imagery adds a whole new perspective for anglers — and it can be viewed using adjustable transparency with other Navionics chart layers, such as SonarChart 1’ HD contours, for a richer, more informative display. An active subscription is required to download sonar imagery from using the Navionics Chart Installer.

Apple® and Android™ Mobile Devices

With the latest version of the Navionics Boating App2, sonar imagery becomes available as an additional overlay. Customers with an active subscription can simply download their area of interest, turn on the new overlay and dive in.
Currently, sonar imagery is available for 121 U.S. inland lakes, and Navionics continues to survey new lakes actively. As coverage areas are released, customers who own the Navionics Boating App, Platinum+ or HotMaps Platinum charts with an active subscription will be able to download it.

Get Sonar Imagery

With an active subscription:
- Have a plotter card? Plug your card into a PC and download the sonar imagery overlay where desired using our Chart Installer. Upon download of any sonar imagery area, the existing overlay for the entire coverage area will be removed from your card. Note: To ensure chartplotter compatibility, only one overlay may be hosted on a Navionics card at a time, but you may return to swap overlays as long as your subscription is active.
- Have the Boating App? Update the app to the latest version. Open the app and tap Menu > Download Maps > define the download area > tap “+” > Select Sonar Imagery > Download. To select the overlay, tap Menu > Map Options > Sonar Imagery.

With an expired subscription:
- Have a plotter card? Choose one of the available options to easily renew.
- Have the Boating App? Sonar Imagery is only available with an active subscription. On this website, log in with the same account you use in the app. In the top menu select the Account icon > Subscriptions and Renew. Or, inside the app, tap Menu > Me > Subscription.

If You Don’t Have Navionics Yet
- Have a plotter? Choose Platinum+ or HotMaps Platinum.
- Have a mobile device? Download the free Boating App, which provides a free trial.