Day on the lake: Shaw Grigsby

Late cold fronts can really put a damper on spring fishing. This installment of Bassmaster’s reality series puts Shaw Grigsby, one of the best sight fishermen in the world, on a small lake that should have been teeming with bass beds. However, extended winter conditions killed that possibility. So, pay close attention to how the veteran bass pro modifies his game plan to make the best of his day. Cold fronts can pop up at anytime, and the lessons learned here will help keep you from going home empty handed.

6:38 a.m. Grigsby and I arrive at Lake R’s deserted launch ramp. He pulls a ­selection of Quantum rods and reels from storage. “I’m debating what to start out with,” he says. “It was 85 ­degrees here a couple days ago, but the high today will only be 55. The fish were probably moving in to spawn, but I bet the water has cooled way down.” He walks out on a dock next to the ramp and looks at the water. “I’ve got braided line on a few of my reels, which should be OK because the water looks a bit stained.” His lures, all from Strike King, include square bill and lipless crankbaits, spinnerbaits, jigs and a sinking worm.

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