Let the One-Boat Network work for you

The word “fish finder” seems an antiquated term for defining all the features and functions of today’s high-tech electronic units. They still find fish, but the devices do much more. Even trolling motors go beyond providing power for slowly maneuvering a bass boat, with many capable of being synced to a fish finder.

With the capacity to do so much, bundling that power and technology to enable trolling motors and fish finders to talk to each other makes perfect sense. The result would be a perfect harmony of navigation and fish-finding capabilities.

The good news is that technology exists in the One-Boat Network, designed and made for Humminbird® electronics, and trolling motors and shallow water anchors from Minn Kota®.

The One-Boat Network allows an angler to take full command of his boat, using the most advanced fishing devices by making them work together. The Humminbird fish finder can tell the Minn Kota trolling motor precisely where to go, then tell the Minn Kota Talon where to anchor with pinpoint accuracy.

When One-Boat Network devices talk to each other, they can navigate the boat automatically using GPS precision. The networked devices can raise, lower and change shallow water anchor modes from anywhere in the boat. You get all the power of these features at the touch of a finger, using an app or remote-control fob. You can take control of it all from anywhere in the boat, while fishing, trolling or running to another fishing spot.

The pinnacle of the One-Boat Network is i-Pilot® Link™. It’s a GPS trolling system available on Minn Kota Ultrex™, Ulterra™, Terrova®, Riptide® Ulterra and Riptide Terrova trolling motors. The i-Pilot Link system utilizes GPS accuracy for Spot-Lock®, recording paths, following depth contours, automatically navigating to favorite spots and controlling speed and steering. In addition, i-Pilot Link allows the trolling motor, fish finder and shallow water anchor to share information, putting the One-Boat Network into action.

The Humminbird Ethernet switch is the hub of the One-Boat Network. It works by connecting Ethernet cables from two or more devices to the switch box, syncing the units so they can trade data and control the desired features.

Connect multiple Humminbird control heads and accessories together to view data and access boat control features from any connected Humminbird unit on the boat. Ultra-fast Ethernet networks supports the sharing of information like GPS, waypoint data and select transducer views, as well as accessory connections to Humminbird MEGA 360 and MEGA 360.