Loughran wins BassTrakk prize for second time

Ed Loughran won the $1,000 BassTrakk Contingency Prize at the Whataburger Bassmaster Elite at Neely Henry Lake. This was Loughran’s second time to win the prize in 2021. The BassTrakk prize goes to the angler whose BassTrakk weights are closest to his official weights. For the first two days of Neely Henry Loughran estimated 23-8 and his official weight was 23-6.

“I’m annoyed at myself that I was off by two ounces,” said Loughran, an attorney, who was reached while driving home from a court case. “I over corrected on a couple fish.” Only one Elite angler has been spot-on with his BassTrakk weights, and that was Randy Pierson at the Sabine River.

We learned early in the year that Loughran has paid close attention to how his in-boat scale compares with the Bassmaster official scale, and he does a little mental math to get the weights as close as possible.

“I like this prize because it’s one thing in a fishing tournament that’s pretty much in our control,” said Loughran. “It just takes an extra minute or two a day.” 

Here are the top 10 finishers at Neely Henry for the BassTrakk Contingency Prize, and how close each angler was to his official weight:

Ed Loughran: 0-2
Justin Atkins: 0-3
Bernie Schultz: 0-4
Clifford Pirch: 0-4
Wes Logan: 0-7
KJ Queen: 0-11
Bryan New: 0-12
Jamie Hartman: 0-12
Yusuke Miyazaki: 0-13
Hank Cherry: 0-15