The other All-Star winner

Though she watched Aaron Martens win Toyota Trucks All-Star Week, Wenonah Haire of Rock Hill, S.C., didn’t quite believe that she had just won a $41,000 boat and motor. She’d been “paired” with Martens for the tournament and in the event that Martens won, she would also win — a Skeeter ZX 190 with a 150-horse Yamaha outboard.

“I never win anything, so even after Aaron won, I still didn’t believe it,” Haire said. “I didn’t really pay attention at first because I thought, ‘what are the odds of that happening?’ but then I won! I can’t believe it!”

Much of Haire’s excitement stemmed from the fact that with Martens' win, he was able to take the trophy (and $60,000 check) back home to his wife and kids, who could not be there with him, which he was openly bummed about.

“I thought that was very sweet,” she said.

Haire and her family — her husband and two 20-somethings — hit the lake or coast every chance they get, but haven’t been able to lately due to family health issues. But with their new Skeeter, the Haires plan on being more active on the lakes and waterways of South Carolina.

“My father has had some health issues, and when he heard we won a boat, he immediately said that he wanted to go out on it. I always try to find things that make him happy, and the idea of us having won a boat has really made him happy, which makes me feel good,” Haire said. “Fishing has always been a part of my family. I’ve been going since I was a little girl, and we’ve got a pond behind our house that I go and fish when I need to unwind, so this is a real treat.”

Haire even has a 3-year-old granddaughter who’s ready to hit the lake; she’s already got her own fishing rod. It’s safe to say that Haire’s new Skeeter will definitely bring her family closer together, and that she’ll enter in next year’s sweepstakes.