Star brite teams with B.A.S.S for Wild Card

Star brite, the Florida-based leading U.S. manufacturer of marine care and appearance items, will highlight one of its stellar products, Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment, as the Presenting Sponsor of the inaugural Bassmaster Classic Wild Card.

The 2013 Bassmaster Classic Wild Card presented by Star Tron offers top Bassmaster Elite Series and Bassmaster Opens Series competitors one final shot at earning a berth in the 44th annual Bassmaster Classic, Feb. 21-23, in Birmingham, Ala., with fishing on Lake Guntersville.

“We are thrilled about supporting the Wild Card to help spread the word about our products,” said Bill Lindsey, Star brite vice president of marketing. “Star brite is a 40-year-old publicly traded company, and up until now, it has been best known on the saltwater marine side. We have been a dominant player in the industry for the past 30 years. Through our partnership with B.A.S.S., more and more freshwater anglers are learning the merits of our products. Fuel issues don’t respect salt or freshwater problems, and our products help boaters with both.” 

Star brite’s flagship product, Star Tron, a multi-function additive, uses a unique enzyme formula that allows all engines to start more easily and run smoothly with fewer harmful emissions.

“Star Tron ‘cures’ most of the problems associated with ethanol-blended fuel (E10), including lost power, reduced fuel economy and gum or varnish deposits,” Lindsey explained. “Our product’s proprietary formula keeps fuel injectors, carburetors, valves and other engine components clean. We are the only one in the world with an enzyme fuel treatment that also stabilizes fuel for up to two years. Ethanol is always problematic with fuel, but our stabilizing product helps you get maximum storage, whether it’s a boat, truck or lawn mower. It’s efficient and more reliable so that when you’re ready to use your boat, it’s ready to go.”

It was Star brite Executive Vice President Greg Dornau who first identified the freshwater market and bass fishing anglers as key consumers for the Ft. Lauderdale company’s innovative product line. One aspect of Star brite’s commitment to expanding use of its products in the freshwater industry is its sponsorship of pro angler Patrick Pierce of Florida, who will be one of the contenders in the Wild Card tournament.

“We met Patrick when we attended several bass events and had a strong relationship with him almost immediately,” Lindsey said. “He’s a great representative of our product because he’s talented and personable. Any reader of Bassmaster Magazine can relate to him and realize with a little effort, they can reach Patrick’s level of competing, too.”

The company also sponsored the Bassmaster Elite Series Alabama River Charge presented by Star brite, which took place May 9-12, 2013, on the Alabama River in Montgomery, Ala., home of Star brite’s Kinpak manufacturing and distribution facility.

With the success of the Elite Series tournament in Alabama, it was a natural fit for Star brite to reach out to a hometown community with the Lake Okeechobee Wild Card, said Lindsey, who frequents the fishery.

“I’ve been going to Lake Okeechobee as long as I can remember,” Lindsey said. “The people are great, and the fishing is great. It has incredible diversity, and you will see any kind of watercraft there — everything from bass boats to air boats. It’s a fun place, and this is going to be an outstanding event.”

Founded in 1973, Star brite got its start with a line of four automotive maintenance items, including Star brite Car Polish. In the following years, Star brite added many car care products and expanded into the boat care field. Today, Star brite products, including polishes, cleaners, motor oils, fuel treatments, brushes, tie downs, lubricants, adhesives and much more, are available at most marine retailers, sporting goods locations, farm stores, discount chains, and automotive and RV stores worldwide.

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