Your day on the lake


All illustrations Arturo Gonzalez Murga

As the author/photographer of Bassmaster’s iconic (I love that word!) “Day on the Lake” series, I’ve documented over 100 of the planet’s best B.A.S.S. pros as they’ve tried to locate and catch bass on remote lakes they’ve never set eyes on before. For some pros, the stars aligned perfectly on the day of their outing, making for exciting copy and eye-popping lunker photos. In a recent DOTL installment, for example, Tennessee pro Brandon Coulter’s five best bass weighed a hefty 24 pounds, 11 ounces, and his limit was anchored by a photogenic 7-11 largemouth that plastered his topwater plug at boatside!

But for a few unlucky pros, their Day on the Lake outing turned into a humiliating seven-hour exercise in futility. Sometimes the weather was to blame, and the hapless pro fell victim to a massive cold front or a frog-strangler rain that turned the lake into a mudhole. Then again, there were days when conditions seemed perfect, yet the bass still refused to bite. It was sad seeing these unfortunate pros dig frantically through their tackle stashes in a fruitless quest for some magic lure that might miraculously turn the tide in their favor … and prevent their Day on the Lake weight total from making them the laughingstock of their pro angler peers!

It recently occurred to me that you, too, have no doubt experienced both great and suck-worthy days on your home lake. Unbeknownst to you, Bassmaster’s satellite spy camera recently recorded your last fishing trip! Here’s what happened on your Day on the Lake!

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