Day on the lake: Carl Jocumsen


All photos Don Wirth

It seems appropriate to feature former Elite Series pro Carl Jocumsen in the Best Bass Lakes issue of Bassmaster Magazine. After all, he honed his bass fishing skills for over a decade in his homeland of Australia before traveling to the U.S. to make his mark on professional bass fishing. So, here you will get to see how techniques and tactics for catching green fish down under translates stateside.


6:45 a.m. We launch the Bass Cat. Jocumsen checks the lake temp: 83 degrees. What pattern does he foresee being operative today? “Summer bass normally relate to deep structure and shallow vegetation. I’ll need to take a tour of the lake to check out those options, but I want to first try some topwater before the sun burns off the fog.” As Jocumsen pulls an assortment of Miller rods equipped with Shimano reels from storage, I ask him about the bass fishing scene in his native Queensland. “I competed in Australian bass tournaments for 10 years before moving to the States. The Australian bass is totally different from the American largemouth; a really big one weighs about 5 pounds. Australia is best known for its amazing saltwater fishing, but there are many exciting freshwater species there, including the Murray cod, which can weigh over 100 pounds. The various species I targeted back home all required different lures and tactics; this combined experience helped me adjust to American bass fishing surprisingly quickly.”