False positives, false negatives

Now that the Northern Swing is complete, I thought I would share some insight on that experience.

Going in, there was considerable debate among the anglers as to whether B.A.S.S. should hold any events up north — particularly in New York. With so much uncertainty over the Corona virus, required testing and potential quarantines, the entire Elite field had serious concerns for themselves and their fellow competitors.

Some felt those tournaments should be canceled or relocated. Others wanted to fish. And as the dates neared, we were forced to make a decision — go or stay home.

Negative perceptions

A week or so prior to the St. Lawrence event, a venue change was announced. Instead of using Waddington, tournament headquarters would be moved to the town of Clayton. That added to the confusion, and it sparked a lengthy thread of emails among the anglers — airing their concerns with each other.

Some were worried of testing positive for the virus and subsequently being forced to quarantine hundreds of miles from home. And I saw that as a very legitimate concern. Who wants to be stranded in a distant state, unable to compete and not knowing your fate? Even if you were healthy starting out, the possibility of contracting the virus while in route to New York was a concern. Considering the number of gas pumps and door handles each of us would be in contact with during the trek, infection was a real possibility. 

Imagine yourself, traveling a great distance to compete in a tournament, then discovering you’ve contracted COVID-19 and being told you can’t fish, and that you can’t leave the state either — that you’re to remain in solitude for 14 days or until you eventually test negative for the virus.