Blaylock's textbook spot

The St. Lawrence River we all know and love is starting to show out. Chris Johnston has the BassTrakk lead with 23 pounds, 12 ounces. There are five anglers with 20-pound-plus weights. More are stacked up in the 19- to 16-pound range.

In 17th place is Stetson Blaylock, with 16-2. Andy Crawford just shot this photo of him. The textbook spot is a shallow shelf near a spawning flat. The bottom is at 20 feet and the current is just right for making drifts. That's what Blaylock is doing now. He's culled twice, and feeling confident about keeping up the momentum.

The above is a snapshot of what likely is going on elsewhere, at least on the river. Guys fishing the first postspawn transition areas leading to the deeper water in the seaway channel.