Cappo's wind-blown pattern

This photo taken by Andy Crawford frames the previous situation around Quentin Cappo. In the background was Chris Zaldain, and behind him was an unidentified angler. All of them were casting toward a windblown point.

The switch hasn't flipped on, yet. But it will, and thus the reason why all of them were hanging around. Cappo didn't because he doesn't need to hang it all on this one spot. Yesterday, he dialed into a rotation pattern of ideal areas.

This screenshot taken by Andy Crawford shows what is going on at the moment. Here, you see the screen of the Garmin Panoptics LiveScope aboard his camera boat. In the photo below, you see a ball of gizzard shad, and behind it, a line of shad following them.

"Bait is everywhere around us, and so are the bass," he said.