Hartman's lure lineup

On Sunday Jaime Hartman came out of nowhere to make it in Championship Sunday. And he’s done it again, already having caught 20 pounds. Here’s his lure lineup.

The lure arsenal features a 3/4-ounce custom football jig with a green pumpkin 3.75-inch Riot Baits R Craw trailer. Another top choice is a 4-inch Riot Baits Fuzzy Beaver (Blue Steel), on 5/0 Owner 4x Jungle Flippin’ Hook with 1.25-ounce weight. Hartman also is using a new 4.75-inch Riot Baits Synth Worm designed by he and fellow Elite Greg DiPalma. A 1/0 Owner All Purpose Worm Hook completes the drop shot rig. A bone-pattern walking bait is used for topwater action.