Lester's ledges

it is no surprise to see Tennessean Brandon Lester in third place in the BASSTrakk standings with 16 pounds, 8 ounces.

In the days and weeks leading up to this event, Lester got tuned into ledge fishing on Lake Guntersville, the dynamic ledge fishing fishery near his home in southern middle Tennessee.

He's fished Guntersville his entire life, and especially during his college days in nearby Chattanooga.

I spent time with him during the hiatus, and he shared some insight into what makes some ledges better than others.

"The best ledges are those located near bigger creeks."

That makes sense for a couple of reasons. Lester went on to explain those ledges are ideal for post-spawn fish coming out of the creeks. The fish simply rotate back and forth, going inshore to spawn in the spring, and spending the summer out on the ledges.

"You can eliminate a lot of water using that strategy."

Indeed you can. Stay tuned for more.