No wind, no good

Steve Bowman just called in a blog post about a topic previously written about by me. It just validates how the lack of wind-driven current is hampering the bite.

"In all my years of covering tournaments here (and that is decades worth of them) I have never seen this lake so calm," he said.

Bowman had just shot a gallery with Jason Christie, whose livewell contains an average limit weight of largemouth. It should come as no surprise that Bowman discovered Christie casting a frog in a dense lily pad field located in the back of a creek.

Christie acknowledged Bowman's comment about the lack of wind. He'd never seen it as calm either, out on the main lake. That is where the double-digit largemouth are most numerous during summertime.

"It's no good without some wind," said Christie.

Meanwhile, another battle is taking place in the mind of Scott Martin. Recall that he moved from FLW to B.A.S.S. with the goal of qualifying for the Bassmaster Elite Series, and specifically the Bassmaster Classic. Martin's lofty goal is to win the coveted trophy never claimed by his legendary father, Roland.

Andy Crawford spent time with Martin, also shooting a gallery. Crawford found Martin offshore, fishing brushpiles.

"He told me his early, shallow bite that produced so well during practice went dead," said Crawford. "He didn't have an explanation about what might have happened.

Crawford went on to explain that Martin's goal at this point is to salvage valuable Opens qualifying points for the Elite Series, his goal for the year.

Martin has a limit and wants to cull up with one of those double-digit largemouth in deeper water.

"They live there, and all it takes is one to give my weight a big lift," he said.

And add to those valuable angler of the year points.