Walters targeting ‘aggressive’ fish

Patrick Walters wants nothing to do with the bed fishing bonanza favored by some of his peers. Why?

He is intentionally targeting prespawners.

“Those fish are hungrier and more aggressive toward attacking bait, and my lure,” he said.

Walters isn’t just pulling up on a spot and casting his lure into a shark-like feeding frenzy. Not all of the prespawners pulling up on his chosen areas are aggressive.

“I am seeing fish on my forward facing sonar that won’t bite at all, looking at them for 45 minutes or more,” he explained.

Just like bed fishing, there are two options. Stay and waste valuable fishing time on one fish, or move on and look for those aggressive fish. Wallters has figured out how to do the latter, and does it well given the limited fishing time.

“The really great thing about this lake is there are enough actively aggressive fish to locate,” he said.

Walters was secretive about the prime depth range that defines his strike zone. Either way, the good news, obviously, is the fish are coming to him.

“I’ve been surprised about how many there are and they just keep multiplying,” he said.

You wouldn’t expect anything less from the Land of the Giants, also known as Lake Fork.