Palaniuk under pressure

Brandon Palaniuk maybe feeling a little of the pressure that comes with leading an Elite Series event.


He doesn't have to catch much and he may have all he needs at this point with 6 1/2-pounds. But we have some reports that he's lost a fish and has now switched from his road bed to flipping a jig on boat houses. He missed one doing that. And he's battling the wind.


What has to be going through his mind is what to do next. Conventional knowledge says you stay on the dance floor that got you to the final. But the wind may change that. 


He seems to be willing to stretch his wings a bit, so if he gets on one of those wind patterns he can fill out his limit and never look back. But I know from experience that Brandon wants to catch a 20-plus sack today. He knows his road bed may be the only place to do that.


It will be interesting to watch as he goes through this mental process the next couple of hours.