Rough weather


Britt Myers left West Sugarloaf Creek, and we had  no desire to follow him out of here. The wind is bad enough where we are. Scott Rook moved from the back of the creek out to where Myers had been, so that made our decision easy. We decided to idle over and check on his day.


"I'm struggling," Rook said. "I've got  five that weigh about 11 pounds. I've lost more than I've caught."


Rook is throwing a crankbait. He said he lost a 5-pounder just a few minutes ago. He got a good look at it when it came completely out of the water and spit the bait. He said he lost another one earlier in the day that was in the 4-pound range.


With Myers out of sight and this lake getting way too rough for cameras, computers and old men, we are out of here. And we're extremely thankful we only have to ride around the bend to Sugarloaf Marina to load the boat. A boat ride back to Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock is going to be quite an adventure this afternoon.

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