High school and college anglers eligible for Shimano scholarship

Ladson, S.C. – A key initiative to its ‘Varsity Program’ focusing on high school and college age anglers, Shimano will again award more than $20,000 to both graduating high school seniors and those already enrolled in undergrad and graduate programs. The scholarships are intended to provide needed financial assistance to future leaders in conservation, fisheries and wildlife sciences and management.

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Now in its third year, “the goal with our scholarships is to encourage and support young anglers to pursue a college degree in fishery management, scientific research and related natural resource professions,” said Phil Morlock, Vice President for Government Affairs/Advocacy for Shimano North American Fishing Inc. “At Shimano, we understand the important role anglers have played as conservation leaders for well over a century. As B.A.S.S. members, we know these students have a first-hand appreciation for environmentally sustainable use and science-based management of natural resources. Where fishing happens, conservation happens.”

The Shimano/B.A.S.S. scholarship partnership is also intended to increase angler awareness of the critical decline in resource management professionals who fish within state, regional, provincial and federal agencies. The future of fishing will continue to rely on the combination of education, training and practical experience which this partnership encourages.

"We are very grateful to Shimano for their commitment to conservation and the future of fishery management through this scholarship program," said Gene Gilliland, B.A.S.S. Conservation Director. The first two years' scholarship recipients were a mix of undergraduate and graduate student anglers from number of different universities around the country. "We looked for the applicants who wanted to become practicing fishery management biologists; the ones who wanted to be involved in taking care of the resource they enjoy. This year again, our goal will be to find those students who not only want to learn and understand the biology, the science – but who can also understand the users, the anglers – because they are anglers too." 

Shimano’s Varsity Program also helps young anglers learn about fishing tackle and techniques, provides industry networking opportunities at Shimano "Career Seminar" events and stresses the role anglers have in fishing conservation and advocacy.

For their studies beginning in fall 2019, Shimano will award up to 11 $2,000 scholarships to U.S. and Canadian high school seniors, college undergraduate and graduate students who are members of B.A.S.S., and majoring in biology, fisheries, wildlife or a natural resource related field. Applications – submission deadline is May 31 – are available on the Shimano website at Shimano Varsity Program Scholarships.

Successful applicants will be notified by July 1. The award is made directly to the student winner and can be used as needed for tuition, textbooks or living expenses.

For more information about on the ‘Shimano Varsity’ program, visit http://varsity.shimano.com.

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