‘Boom-Boom’ or bust: Fred Roumbanis

“Celebrate the moment…”

Dateline: Last chance

“I blew it at AOY.”
Fred Roumbanis

“Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries.”
~James Michener

Always, aim higher, than the ceiling, placed above you.

No matter how tall you are.

No matter how short you are.

The ceiling, doesn’t know.

Not one victory has ever been won on a field of play; every victory is won within the heart of those who play.

Everything, is a mind game.

For many out there on the professional bass fishing tour I’m more coach, more psychologist than journalist. Be that right, be that wrong, that’s just how it has shaken out.

If it don’t bother me or them, don’t you fuss about it.

I tell them this, when I take out the pen, I’m on. No pen, I’m off. It’s an easy visual that ends the confusion about this on or off the record stuff.


Hands in pocket=friend.

When I am all said and done here my greatest memories will always be that of the friendships I made, never of the reporters’ stories I sent in.

I tell you this because for this story I did something I don’t normally do, won’t, WON’T make a habit of doing, before I wrote a word I asked Elite angler Fred Roumbanis this exact question: “Freddy, hey man I want to run this by you, don’t think it is something I will do all the time, but listen I want to title the story, ‘Boom-boom or bust.’ You okay with that?”

From sitting in a dock somewhere in Louisiana waiting for the big ships to clear, I hear a giggle, then, “No db, love it man, I am Boom-Boom.”

If he said it bothered him I WOULDN’T have used it, and to write something here I didn’t say to Freddy, there will be no “bust” my friend if you fish your arse off.

No matter what place you finish in.

“…as it turns…”

"I can't imagine a person becoming a success who doesn't give this game of life everything he's got.”
~Walter Cronkite

Here’s the deal on this, from Freddy: “I went into the AOY tournament needing to do well to make the 2017 Bassmaster Classic, instead, instead, it turned out to be the worst event I ever fished in my professional career, great huh.”

Me: “Why did you screw up?” We are standing on a dock looking out over an empty Mille Lacs Lake, I have my pen out, Freddy has his real feelings out. “db, I just screwed up. I put way too much pressure on myself man, way too much.”

We talk some, I leave and head back to my hotel room overlooking the lake, takes me 15-20 minutes to get in my room, hit the head, take all my reporter technology and press pass stuff off, walk over to the balcony window, pull back the floor to ceiling red curtain, and this is exactly what I see…Freddy and Mille Lacs having a one on one…

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