Caleb Sumrall: The mirror


All photos Don Barone

“Ba-ba-doo, ba-ba-de-ee…” 

“I was struggling and beating up on myself...”
— Caleb Sumrall

Dateline: Cayuga Lake, N.Y. 

To most of us it is but a lake, to the 75 Elite anglers though, it is a mirror, a reflection of who they are and how well they play this game. It is the ultimate, glass…flooring. 

It is calm on the surface of the water as it is on the face of the angler, but beneath the mirror, beneath the brim of the baseball cap, there is tension, there is chaos and there is questioning by all those who stare into the mirror.

Whatever game it is you play, the mirror you gaze into is the only scoreboard that really matters, the true playing field lays between your ears.

“…ooh, ooh, the flashing lights…”

“A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.”
— Mark Twain 

Comes now the story of a young man who recently caught what may in fact be the most important bass of his career, a young man staring full face into the career mirror, a dude I first met a couple years ago when he won the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship…Caleb Sumrall.