Meet "Q"

Showed me many different roads…”

Dateline: Winyah Bay

One of the greatest things a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”

Howard W Hunter

True story of exactly how this interview began:

It is the “eats” period of Elite Registration, all of the rules and what-nots have been addressed, all the pairings of Elites and Marshals have been made, it’s the time of the gig where the host city feeds all the folks.

I’m sitting at a round table about to do an interview with Quentin Cappo, new Elite dude from Louisiana, when an older guy walks by and says something to him.

Me: “Who's that.”

Quentin who will now be known as “Q”: “That’s my dad.”

Really, invite him over to sit with us during the interview, that’s fine.”

Q” then motions his dad over to our table, he gets up and sits down with his plate and looks directly at me and says this, “Who are you and what’s your name.”

Don, just call me db.”

Well Don, listen, my son did an interview once and when the story came out they talked about me and Quentin and never said a word about his mother.”

Next to me “Q,” who by the way calls me “db” not Don, starts shifting around in his seat in the same manner as when a son brings home Dad’s car late, “so Don this is what I would like you to put in this story of yours,” now “Q” has suddenly developed a cough in his throat.

I turn to look at dad and I say this…nothing, fold or show your cards time dad.

Don, please say in your story he has a wonderful beautiful smart mother.”

I’ll do you one better “Q” dad, I’ll make the whole top of the story about her, you okay with that.”

That would be great…db.”

And so it goes, this true story open is for you Jill Cappo…God Bless.

“…showed me ways and means and motions…”

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

Frederick Douglas