Rocket science and bass fishing

“My love of mathematics stems from my father, a Civil Engineer, as well as my passion for the outdoors, especially fishing. There is a logical flow to this universe and we are all part of that flow including bass.”
— Bob Lillard,
Rocket Scientist/Bass Angler

Dateline: The Universe of Bass

“Mathematics is the language with which God has written the Universe.”
— Galileo

“Five out of four people have trouble with fractions.”
— Steven Wright

Going to do something a little different here, going to upfront give you the vitals of the person the story is about, think of it as reading the back of a baseball card.

Here goes, meet Bob Lillard…in his own words:

“I was born in Duncan, Okla., while my mother was getting one last visit in with my grandparents. Grew up on a ranch north of Ada, Okla., near the small community of Byng where I graduated from High School. On July 12, 1986 I married the most beautiful girl in Ada, Okla., and forever will thank God she had a moment of insanity and said 'yes.' 

“I never didn’t fish, I have pictures of me fishing very early and 'legend' has it I caught my first fish on a fly rod when I was 5 or 6 in a pond behind the house. It was a crappie by the way.”

“I joke often that I’m a Rocket Scientist, but in reality I’m a rocket, missile, cannon and command/control scientist, if it pertains to field artillery, we will study it.”

And if in fact this was a real baseball card and you turned it over to see the front photo…here’s what you would see.

Bob Lillard: 

Senior Analyst, Chief of the Field Artillery, U.S. Army Field Artillery/Fires Center of Excellence, Fort Sill, Oklahoma.