Gear Review: 6th Sense Speed Wake


The Speed Wake from 6th Sense.


6th Sense Speed Wake


The 6th Sense Speed wake is filling a gap in the tackle market that has been missing for quite a few years. At first glance, the Speed Wake reminds me of the discontinued Wake Shad that Strike King used to make. After being discontinued, anglers across the country were left scrambling to buy the Wake Shad whenever and wherever they could get their hands on them. Now that 6th Sense has released the Speed Wake, that will no longer be an issue. The Speed Wake is a jointed bait that wakes the surface. With most traditional wake baits, you have to reel the bait incredibly slow to ensure the bait wont dive under the surface or blow out, but one of the great things about the Speed Wake is the fact that you can reel the bait at high speeds (hence the name) without blowing out or rolling over. Like all 6th Sense hard baits, the Speed Wake comes in a wide variety of unique colors and comes stock with sharp, triple grip style hooks. Weighing in at 7/8th of an ounce, the Speed Wake is a very easy bait to throw long distances.


Across most of the country, a wake bait is an overlooked topwater bait that really has a ton of different applications. The ability to reel the bait at an extremely fast speed makes this bait a great choice for schooling fish and fishing around open water, but it can also be used at a slower speed around shoreline structure in similar places that you may throw a buzzbait. As far as working the bait goes, it’s really as simple as casting it out and straight retrieving it at whatever speed you feel is appropriate for the conditions. The simplicity of the Speed Wake makes it a great choice for a beginner as well as a seasoned professional.





As an angler who loves to throw a topwater, I can honestly say that I overlook a wake bait quite often. Throwing the Speed Wake is a great way to cover water up shallow or target those tricky schooling fish. With such a wide variety of colors, there is sure to be a Speed Wake that will match the hatch in your part of the world.