Gear Review: Beast Coast Fishing Marauder

What is it?

Beast Coast Fishing Marauder 

What sets it apart?

The Marauder is a 4 1/2-inch soft-plastic crawfish imitator that bass are known to love. The design features a deep rib midsection with a solid head and tail for added durability. This combo provides a lot of intermediate action — the pulsing claws splay out on the fall, while vibrating erratically on the retrieve. The baits are injected with and soaked in savory crawfish oil during the curing process. 

How do I use it?

Being a larger presentation, the Marauder excels in a variety of conditions and applications. It makes an excellent option for flipping or punching, and with a quick trim doubles as a flipping and football jig trailer. The bait is thick enough to conceal even the biggest of flipping and EWG hooks when used as a Texas rig. With reaction-style baits such as a vibrating jig or swim jig, the Marauder pairs well with multiple applications and provides wildly erratic action to trigger bites. 

How much?

$4.69/6 Pack

More Information:

Angler’s insight:

Available in 12 hand-selected tried and true colors, these baits will produce anywhere in the country. Coming in at less than $5 a pack, the durability and price point make the Marauder a no-brainer to add to your arsenal. The packaging is superb, and the variety of uses alone makes it a staple in any tacklebox.