Gear Review: Falcon Cara


The all-new, redesigned Falcon Cara.

What is it?

Falcon Cara Rods

What sets it apart?

The Falcon Cara is back. The Cara series of rods have long been at the forefront of high-quality bass fishing rods. The Cara is built from an all-new, state-of-the-art carbon fiber material to achieve greater strength and lesser weight. Fuji components adorn the rod top to bottom. The Fuji K frame guides with FazLite rings as well as the Fuji ECS reel seats provide ultimate durability and strength while maximizing sensitivity.

How do I use it?

The Falcon Cara series of rods come in 14 different models – 12 casting and two spinning models. Actions will range from medium light all the way to extra heavy. With such a wide range of actions, anglers will have no problem choosing a rod that best fits the application they are trying to use it for. Also, the Cara lineup offers very versatile rods that you can use for a wide range of techniques, such as the 7-foot Medium Heavy casting rod or 7-foot Medium action spinning rod. The casting models vary in both full cork handles and split grip cork handles. Both spinning models are cork split grips.

How much?

$249.99 to $269.99

More Information

Angler’s insight:

The new Falcon Cara is an outstanding choice if you’re looking for a high-end rod that will fit your needs and with a lifetime warranty, you will have the peace of mind to go out and put these rods to the test. Falcon has utilized input from its reputable pro staff, including Bassmaster Elite Series pro Jason Christie, to build a top-notch rod for the most serious bass anglers. I've owned Falcon Cara rods for many years, and the revamped Cara passes the test. If there is any difference between the previous Cara model and the modern Cara, it's that the new rod is lighter and overall more crisp. Whether you’re throwing a drop shot up north or punching mats in the South, the new Falcon Cara has you covered.